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To Post or not to Post..?


I have hesitated to post one of my stories, which was Passionate Ardor. It’s a very mature book of steamy one-shots of Mary and Neil, my favorite couple that I’ve created. I don’t know if such content can be posted publicly in my ZMelia wordpress. I might create another wordpress blog exclusively only for mature stories so only adults or 18+ readers can get to it (although I don’t know how I’ll be able to work that one out).

If it is okay to publish such things though, I might just do that. Or, if you guys still want to read my Rated R works, you can always head to my wattpad since I posted it there.

Speaking of mature stories, I have another book in the working for Mary and Neil. This time it wouldn’t be oneshots of them, but a┬áreal story with a plot and story line. Hopefully I won’t mess up with the new book because a lot of people seem to be expecting a lot from it.