Choose Me


Choose Me was randomly inspired by an odd dream I had months ago. It was about me and my long distance relationship boyfriend. What was unusual for that dream was that my boyfriend were two people in the dream. Meaning, he had a twin in the dream. It was quiet appalling at first, but it also intrigued me. Then as I woke up, an idea abruptly came over me, and thus, Choose Me was born.

“An online relationship isn’t exactly as safe as it looks, but Dana Waters isn’t afraid. She’s convinced that Declan Lyons, a gorgeous boy who she met online, is her one and true love. Even though she lives in Australia and he lives in America, he proposed to her through a message that she immediately said yes to. Deciding to finally meet her future husband, what will she do when she finds out there were actually two Declan Lyons?”

I really had high hopes for this story that I’ve come up, but as I write each chapter, I have been having a hard time with the flow of the story. It’s quite frustrating really, I had everything perfectly planned in my brain, and yet when I’m about to type the chapter, everything becomes blank. I really need serious classes for writing.

So, I asked for help from my online best friend, ToniM213. I asked her to co-write the story with me, and since the story’s genre is romance and humor, it was a major thing to ask her, because both of us have a unique sense of humor, and adding that to the story will spice things up.

At first, I was happy again with how it all progressed, but after six chapters, I was yet again uninspired to continue on with the story. It was always my problem when it comes to writing. (Of course, this is one of the many reasons why I shouldn’t go for journalism.)

I was rather unhappy with the fact that I have shared the story in my account, when in fact Tonia has also written almost half of the chapters. So, I decided to make another account in wattpad to also give credit to my bestfriend.

How we co-write is through Google Document. It is a very convenient tool for those authors who wants to co-write with other people who doesn’t live close to them. I find it very helpful, and it helped me heaps with brainstorming with Tonia too.

As for the style of writing, I don’t even know what to say. Tonia makes my writing style better by editing as I type the rough draft of the chapter, so I guess my writing is, again, mediocre. Why oh why can’t I write beautifully?! (I bet I have mistakes even in this post.)


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