Monthly Archives: March 2012

To Post or not to Post..?


I have hesitated to post one of my stories, which was Passionate Ardor. It’s a very mature book of steamy one-shots of Mary and Neil, my favorite couple that I’ve created. I don’t know if such content can be posted publicly in my ZMelia wordpress. I might create another wordpress blog exclusively only for mature stories so only adults or 18+ readers can get to it (although I don’t know how I’ll be able to work that one out).

If it is okay to publish such things though, I might just do that. Or, if you guys still want to read my Rated R works, you can always head to my wattpad since I posted it there.

Speaking of mature stories, I have another book in the working for Mary and Neil. This time it wouldn’t be oneshots of them, but a real story with a plot and story line. Hopefully I won’t mess up with the new book because a lot of people seem to be expecting a lot from it.




So, just five minutes ago, I made a Me2Day account (click here). It’s basically posting statuses, pictures, etc, etc. To make it short, it’s like the korean version of Twitter. If you are a fan of Kpop or you have a Me2Day account, add me!

I was able to create an account due to my Google Chrome‘s auto translation of the website. It’s actually quite awesome now that I feel closer with the kpop stars (laughs like an idiot).

Choose Me and A Knight’s Night, Posted!


Finally, after weeks of laziness, I managed to post the first chapter of both Choose Me and A Knight’s Night. If you haven’t read the description of the two stories head to here and here, respectively.

I’m not really confident with how I’ve written the first chapters, but for an amateur writer I sure am, at least, good enough.. Right?

Anyways, I’ve also posted the book cover I made along with the chapters. I didn’t make the image itself, I only edited it and added the text in the image. The A Knight’s Night book cover is credited to RioxRio from DevianArt.