Choose Me and A Knight’s Night, Posted!


Finally, after weeks of laziness, I managed to post the first chapter of both Choose Me and A Knight’s Night. If you haven’t read the description of the two stories head to here and here, respectively.

I’m not really confident with how I’ve written the first chapters, but for an amateur writer I sure am, at least, good enough.. Right?

Anyways, I’ve also posted the book cover I made along with the chapters. I didn’t make the image itself, I only edited it and added the text in the image. The A Knight’s Night book cover is credited to RioxRio from DevianArt.


About Zmelia

An aspiring writer from Wattpad, ZMelia. I'm very imaginative. A Leo. An introvertive one I might add. Quiet, yes. But once I get too comfortable, I may burst into something rather unimaginable. Don't worry, I'm practically harmless.

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