An ordinary girl born in Earth who has no social life and spends time gaming, dancing, rocking it out in bands and writes to escape harsh reality. A girl who wish to travel the world, have a pet teacup pig, cat and dog, meet Johnny Depp, be a pirate, move to another galaxy, have kids, and have all gaming consoles out there with free awesome games included (except zombie/horror games).

A writer hidden by a pen name Z.Melia, Z.Melia never would have thought being an amateur writer. It all started when boredom lead to sneaking in her brother’s room, stealing Hardy Boys book collection and started reading the first books ever she willingly read. Due to imagination already expanding with the help of anime and Pokémon as her childhood companion, she started telling stories that started in 6th grade and eventually tackled her skills in writing as she entered high school.


From distant dreams to lost skies, there’s more to it than it seems.



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