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A Night’s Knight ~ Fantasy


A Night’s Knight is the second fantasy romance book I posted in Wattpad when I hesitated writing my very personal and first fantasy I’ve created, which was the A Tall to Tell saga. I actually don’t know how I started with ANK’s plotline. I only started the story due to the reason I was bored and my profile was empty that time since ANK was the first books I shared in Wattpad.

Who would have thought waking one day will change your life? A normal teenager wakes up to a surreal vivid dream, meeting a mysterious man who she thought was only part of her imagination. Caught up with the dream, she begins creating a fantasy and tells stories of adventures. A similar dream visited her on her sleep, but gave her the most frightening experience. She stops her storytelling when an unexpected turn of events occur; her stories becoming true. She finds herself in a middle of protecting mother earth, fighting friends and befriending foes. Barely saving her own life, will the mysterious man finally appear and aid her?

This was the blurb I had for my ANK. I was never really satisfied with it but never had the time to change it since the plot I had is still unstable. This story I considered a challenge because of the fact that I have no absolute plot for it and could only continue on writing chapter by chapter by creating the story line as each chapter was written.

So far, I’ve thought of the main conflict of the story, and how it should all played out. I only have a problem with how to write the filler chapters in and how each chapter will flow the story perfectly. I also don’t have any idea how I should end the story.

In fact, I’ve been so stumped that I haven’t updated ANK since December. I have six chapters up already, which is a good thing at least.

Moving on to the style of writing, to simply put; I suck. I don’t understand why I can fix and edit someone else’s work perfectly and yet when I write my own stories, I have a hard time dealing with it, especially fantasy-based ones. I guess my writing style and skills for ANK was mediocre, but I’m glad there are people who paid attention to it.