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Starting Anew


I had a tumblr account for my writings but once again failed to share what I wanted to share just like I did with my blogspot account. So, I made another blog, which is wordpress, to fulfill the promise that I’ll be indeed, sharing my works outside of Wattpad.

The reasons why I wasn’t able to do what I intended to do with my previous blogs was because of;

  1. laziness
  2. fear of people plagiarizing or stealing my works
  3. laziness
  4. getting distracted by other stuff (mainly, gaming and social life.)
  5. laziness

But mainly, I was worrying about people who can steal my ideas. I love to read and write, and it is my hobby to write my own stories, and I would love to share it to other people and see what they think about it. I just don’t like the idea of one those people reading my works to steal it.

I decided to use WordPress for this purpose because it looks convenient and very neat to use, and despite the copyright issues, I seem to have a lot of trust on this site unlike with tumblr and Google’s blogspot. I do believe it’s easier to get plagiarized in tumblr, mainly though.

I’ll be making another blog for my stories. In wattpad, my username is ZMelia. Do check out my books. They are not that great, and I’m only an aspiring writer, so I apologize in advance if I lack skills in writing.

This blog would be mainly me posting about random topics; e.g., bits of my life, romance, opinions about certain topics, life problems, etc, etc.